Faktencheck: Antifa, gewaltbereite Linke und Biden

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Fact check: Antifa.com redirects to Joe Biden’s website, but Biden campaign not involved


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The claim: Antifa.com redirects to Joe Biden’s campaign website

Viral Facebook posts insinuate ties between Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and the left-wing, anti-fascist political movement antifa. 

„if you go to Antifa.com, it takes you directly to joe bidens webpage. … whats that tell ya … try it yourself,“ Facebook user Johnathan Thurman wrote in a post that has been shared more than 80,000 times since Aug. 28. Several other Facebook posts claim the same, and videos show the redirect to viewers.

Thurman, whom USA TODAY reached out to via Facebook Messenger, said he knew no further details about the redirect. 

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Breaking down the domain’s history

A search through the digital internet archive Wayback Machine reveals the antifa.com domain has existed since 1999, although no content appears until Dec. 4, 2000. It is unclear who registered the domain, but the content appears to be a predominantly European anti-fascist newsletter available in English and Dutch.

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